30 December 2008

Yay for Craftstylish dot com

I posted this how-to make upcycled wrist warmers on craftstylish.com. I love that website because you can post your own creations, give tips (if you desire), basically promote your crafts/art and have fun interacting with other crafters... It is really good advertising for your crafts too! I say "yay" to craftstylish for their welcoming website and friendly craftmosphere.

Here is a great tip for making wrist cuffs or wrist warmers:
Intentionally or accidently wash a beautiful merino wool sweater (or other wool) and dry it in your dryer, then use your nicely shrunk (felted) sweater to repurpose. Use the sleeves by cutting them to your desired length, then decorate, embroider, add circles, and you have cool cuffs! Wow - so fun and easy too!!!!!!

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