14 November 2012

Penny Rug Inspired Key Chain

I'm thinking this post is more of a tip or a "hey, you can do this" easy craft idea... quick project and can be a gift...Here's a how to or a craft tip on making a quick handmade key chain. Needed: Needle (tapestry or embroidery needle) thread (can be hemp, cotton, wool, as long as it has the thickness of embroidery thread) Jump Rings (the size depends on your own preference, I'm using a small and a larger one for this key chain) Felted Wool Ball (Michaels Craft store sells 100% wool and wool felted balls if you don't have or make your own) Wool circles Beads (I'm using beads for added decoration) I just realized that the supplies fit in the palm of my hand!
I'm using green thread instead of the brown in the pic.
Really little wool circles (easy to cut from a small wool square - these are about the diameter of a pencil. All you need is to blanket stitch a few little circles to the wool ball, and then to your key.
Add a bead or two to the top with your tapestry needle and anchor it to the first small jump ring. Then you can add it to the larger jump ring...

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