06 November 2012

Quick Crochet Coaster

So when you find yourself with lots of odds and ends... or in crochet terms - squares, circles, stars... flowers... like I did with these cotton pieces, I decided to make a heavy blanket - It probably won't be that big and it definitely will not be finished any time soon! I get easily distracted - or bored of the same, so I guess that's why I've decided to just start putting this blanket together. Knowing me, it will likely turn into something else. But for now, here are my supplies.
In the meantime I lost my embroidery needle... so I'm hooking the loose yarns of the circle and then the star on top of the circle with the loose yarns from each piece. I know this can be much simpler, but I don't want to cut anymore yarn at time time, since I really just want to see what it will look like together, as a flat piece.
So I stick the crochet hook through the back and catch the yarn & then pull it through.
I will do the same with the crochet star piece.
Here is what the finished "heavy" square will look like... So... the title of my blog post is not Crochet Heavy Blanket! It is Quick Coaster... well, that's because I have to get working on 50 or so more pieces to accomplish that & for now, it's a completed project - a quick coaster. I needed one anyway for my coffee cup! I do love heavy blankets... so maybe I will continue...

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